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Congratulations on the completion of your ninth life, and welcome to the Menagerie. We see here the vast bureaucracy of the animal afterlife, where your soul will be washed and appraised, processed and refined, until it is ready for its final expulsion into the Furthest Reaches. Or perhaps, if you’re unlucky, you’ll be stuck here forever, waiting to get form 17FG-chroma9 from the Cataclysms Department – which requires a notated copy of form 150045k from General Processing – which – well, you get the picture. Or perhaps, your deeds on Earth will be found wanting. You might join the penguin who learned to fly, the dolphin who never swam, the dog who would throw rather than catch, and be cast out of the Great Chain. These, and only these fates lie before you.

Bring now your heart for the weighing.


You’re going to do it: You’re going to steal that tenth life and return to Earth.

Cats Beyond the Cradle is a GM-less story-focused game for 3 to 6 players of friendly deception & amicable competition.


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